Monday, June 14, 2010

Yet another love story...encounters life

You stop @ the traffic signal and curse the city traffic…..your overtly punctual boss…yourself.

Its ten seconds down…and the dust from the automobiles has settled down a bit.
The helmet is already a little heavy for you. You take it off and inhale the dirty traffic air with comfort.

Almost at the same second, a scooty comes parallel to your bike and stops.

“Another addition to the misery!!!” You crib.

You start thinking of useless things like how superior your bike is to the scooty standing 2 meters away. Thank god you don’t have car….you’d be stuck in traffic much longer.

Did someone say "Loser"? Oh. My conscience.

The rider of the bike lifts the helmet…exactly after ten seconds.

Both of us look at each other......Blank stares. Realizing that in 2 seconds, we start looking elsewhere.

5 Seconds later, we look at each other again...with a pleasurable familiarity.
“Ah!!! You again. Wssp? Long time hun?”

But we continue to maintain a poker face...We look away. Start thinking about things in our lives… The impossible deadlines, the cut throat competition for promotion, the mounting credit card bills, the small investments in mutual funds losing money, your personal target of buying that Verna you promised yourself by the end of this year, the pressure to ‘get settled beta’....oooooofffff

20 Seconds down. Seems like a decade passed away. You thought so think so much….sala sheikhchilli.

You start looking at her again...expecting something…you don’t know what though. May be, its Cupid’s second arrow. I dodged the last one...matrix style. He would have thought, “Last time I tried, his small investments in mutual funds came in way.Humans!!!”

She looks at me. Still resisting the urge to find me interesting. I am doing the same thing.

“Don’t fight it.”

Funny, you say that and you fight it some more.

Wait!!! Looks like she is giving in. Is that the famous smile making a cameo?

Exactly then, devil intervenes…in the form of a truck horn.

“Ahhhh!!!” You don’t say it.You think really loud. Probably that is making her smile the conventional way, no subtlety involved now.

Jam’s over...and you are near your destination...resisting the obvious thoughts while trying to think about an excuse for being late. You just half murder the romance, the good you, the love story...right there.

You find your boss waiting for you near your workstation.
You slow your pace…buying sometime. Devil’s workshop in full swing.

“Where were you Mrinal?”

“Don’t ask."
Met with an accident"
Nothing big though.”

Love story cold blood.