Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In defiance of convention...

In times when career, boss, girlfriend, multiplex, promotion, marriage, home loan should govern my world, I find time to get frustrated. Frustrated because everything and everyone around seem to be disturbing the natural order of things or rather what should be the natural order of things.

A random conversation with a friend went even more random, when she told me that I am man who is not ignorant which makes me see beyond the obvious and that I am humane which makes me identify injustice. However, she added that I am not an intellectual, so I act on what I see and don’t think and write and read before taking a tiny step.

Instead of giving me red cheeks and an inflated ego, that made me more frustrated. I don’t know if she was just playing with words or she meant everything she said. But may be she delicately put me in equilibrium of “To be or not to be”. 

I see people. People with biases, people with biases about people, people hating people, people hurting people. I manage to see various parallel worlds of agenda, propaganda, deceit, secrecy existing where things seem normal.

What do I do? Does the frustration fade away? Does everybody feel like me? Is this just my wandering impulse causing the entire stir?
Do I chase the dreams that have been fed to my eyes and conscience a trillion times… over the years? Is there too much at stake? Should I? Will I?

Should I break away any shackles and let my thoughts overwhelm me?

For now….we shall wait… trusting the firmness of the shackles.


  1. I can see the bridge of thoughts falling apart....

  2. Sorry for the rhetoric with no rhythm, but this was the sequence in which the thoughts occurred to me. Friend!!! In a desperate situation like mine, the bridge of thoughts is likely to fall apart. No surprises there.

  3. Nothing is desperate situation Mrinal. These are the different phases of life which everyone has to pass through. They only tend to make you stronger & build yourself.

  4. U're right. Just wondering when is the beginning of the next phase of my life due? :)