Saturday, May 15, 2010

True worthless answers

We do not know how to not understand. To be able to be in balance with our mysterious surroundings, we attribute everything beyond our comprehension to something that we can live with. When we made up the story of God, we found comfort in mystery and ignorance. By making Him responsible for everything, we seasoned ourselves not to look for answers all the time. The quest being less intense, we get on with our lives…unperturbed. Our forefathers who found religion in the beginning were indeed intelligent. Those who were dumb to fall for god and the like were not capable of finding the answers anyway.

The revelation of my religious orientation should have been gradual and less cruel. But I just could not control the urge to dramatically deny what I don’t believe in.

There is another theory which perfectly explains practice of religion by the most intelligent and bright people. They probably understand why it is absolutely necessary to be foolishly optimistic of His existence. It appears quite reasonable to believe that ‘god’ is a consequence of deliberation on methods to infuse morality into society. Imagine the world with the knowledge right away. The chaos could probably consume the world. But with a reputation of being a person of lesser worldly consequence, I assume there is not going to be an aftermath of my blog.

Why can’t I then conceal my emotions till eternity? I am capable of that. It is probably because I want someone to make me believe again. When a drug addict realizes how bad the real world is, he wants to go back the ecstasy that drugs provide. Guess I am an addict too. Unhappily sober.

So many people believe in something that doesn’t exist. Is there anyway that I can forget these new found ‘answers’ that will probably dictate my life and those close to me? I ask the same question to everybody that Vivekananda asked from hundreds of godmen – Can you show me god?


  1. Wonderful read. What you feel at the moment is something most of us have felt at some point of time. It hasn't stayed with us for long though. There is no harm in living with this thought. It will help you take action on something you want to change or make right; you don't have to count on just some 'superior' power.

  2. Thank you Didai. But what is of concern to me is my complete inability to suppress the urge to show the religious world how they are wrong. Am I being too narcissist? Or if narcissism is indifference to the plight of others - am I the exact opposite?