Saturday, June 26, 2010

The conclusion...

If a parallel world of utopia could be created in our minds about miracles, hope, trust and “All is well”, why should I choose to make my life an exception?

“Ahhhh!!! This lune and his state of psychosis” You must have cursed.

But wait… I am channelizing my psychotic energies towards the much accepted direction, celebrating Life. Tadaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

After giving it due (ok may be some more was due) consideration, I have opted differently about my take on taking up philanthropic ventures. Oh!!! Sorry!!! Just a quick recap. I was losing my mind about making a decision on whether I choose to become a social activist…fulltime. Sounds downright preposterous and hilarious, right?

Well now, I have finally learnt how blissful ignorance really is. So, what do you do to forget misery around? “Well, you could do your bit and leave the rest to god”, is what the good religious social activist said when I queried about joining in. I wanted to tell her so badly that a ‘bit’ will not suffice if people start taking her advice. The worst part is, she seemed quite popular among her do-gooder friends.

So, I while I am not certain of how I am going to suppress my humanitarian impulses, I am definitely going to do some freaky things now. (No drugs, no illegal stuff, Chill!!!)

Will reveal the consequences of my experiments next week, whether you’re interested or not.

There… I am already Dope. ;)