Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The restlessness is seeping in. Chances of my committing acts of flamboyance or adventure have become imminent. But on the crossroads, I still stand aghast by the threat of adverse consequences. However, it is certain that the prevalent eagerness will overwhelm any other emotion soon, given the rate at which it is intensifying.

I ask myself - what has changed? And a silence follows. A little while later, I answer, probably in order to justify the silence. It’s my age. I already feel guilty for not exploring a lot of options in my early life. And if I miss out on the 20s, I might end up being more repentant. Am I, by writing this, trying to vent some of the trauma this impatience has caused me? May be, but this will not help me escape the growing urge to insanity.

Sometimes, I feel of letting myself loose and as they say, “go with the flow”. But, I can’t resist confronting questions like – What if this actually ends up making me more miserable?

Anyway, the unpredictability seems to be reaching its optimum point. And the time to ponder over things is over. The decisions are awaited and time, as usual, is less.

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