Friday, June 13, 2008


And so… I moved for the kill. I was too nervous to be able to perform on the task at hand. Not because I had been out of touch for quite a while but because I thought the task was totally out of my league. I was put to this test because of an idea actually conceived by me which boomeranged into my face. I was with my friends in one of those boring and ‘broke’ weekends. Out of sheer boredom and also to steer away our attention from our misery, I came up with the concept of playing a ‘dare’ game. It was a simple ‘spin the bottle’ game. The only difference was that the person who performed the task could be asked to do one thing in the coming one full week. It could be anything, but something illegal. If the dare is not performed by anyone, they would have to treat all the friends (and their girlfriends) with an amount equalling half of one’s monthly salary. Everyone seems to have readily agreed with the game. I was happy too. I could be at my mischievous best when I had to put someone through a test. The same day, we tortured Anil to the hilt. We actually made him propose a guy with a red rose in his mouth. Later it occurred to me that he could have easily argued that homosexuality is a crime in India and it’s therefore illegal to make such advances towards a person of the same sex. Surprisingly, it did not occur to the otherwise sharp Mr. Lawyer in the making. Did he actually want to propose the guy? Anyway, it was my turn. There was no way I could back out. I hadn’t got my salary for the month due to some accounts issue in the office and I was literally a pauper. I could not afford to lose my left over salary of the last month over some game. But, when I was asked to propose the gorgeous foreigner girl sitting in the same joint as us and to ask her out (successfully), I had known I would have to again arrange money for the month from some unconventional source. I seriously thought of backing out. But as I am a man and I am supposed to be full of ego, I was asked to DO IT. Not that I did not want to, but I was not a ‘pro’ in these ways. Moreover, her beauty and charm was causing great harm to my already wavering confidence. She was tall, ridiculously fair and wore glasses which also typically suggested that she could well be very intelligent. Certainly not the most ‘stranger friendly’ ladies around. I chose and rejected thousands of ideas to approach her. Thought of using pick up lines as well which I otherwise consider a stupid way to get close to a stranger. Anyway, I thought of something and went to her…………...........................................................................


  1. Waiting for the rest of the story.

  2. this is nt fair dude......complete rest of the story soon...

  3. Hey this is not fare buddy.. when are you completing your story