Sunday, April 25, 2010

Independence mumbo jumbo...

Wrong hours of office, wrong hours of food, wrong hours of sleeping, wrong hours of daily hygiene. Do all these wrongs sum up and produce a Lune? If they do, the resultant me has just entered the final stage of complete lunacy.

A night ride on the fiero Fx on Airport road…alone… offers a mystical serenity. That could probably be the absolute absence of traffic or merely deficiency of the harshness of public gaze.

Now that I have mumbled out the irresistible but worthless initial rhetoric, let me get to the point. I have not yet come in terms with my new found ‘independence’. Although I have not tried hard enough, I have presumptions that I will never be. But like with other failed ventures of mine, I will do a trial and error to find out eventually that my instincts are brutally exact.

My friends seem particularly concerned about my well being…and as a gesture of companionship, call on me at oddly hours to ask…”Dude, U cool?”
The deal really is that after they leave, the quality time I always wanted so badly with myself does not look so ‘quality’. Anyway, half of my time gets spent on experimental recipes that could give the government hospital canteens a run for their money.

Anyway, I am fighting the self imposed odds with all my vigor. Wish me luck…if at all there is something like that.

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