Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deviating from the mainstream...

As children, we wondered why grown ups are so confused. After becoming one, I realized the irony. Grown ups are more aware and hence know the different aspects of the worldly affairs in more colors than mere black and white.

Does it occur to anyone that our lives could be sub-consciously run by bizarre ideals which do not have much sense in reality? Don’t play devil's advocate, but at least try to justify what is otherwise passed off as general vices or wrongdoings.

I guess we'd rather take them as plain facts and not pursue the inconvenient option of finding logic in the way we think.

Choices seem blurred and we realize when we start questioning; facts turn out to be merely popular perceptions.

So, is it better to live in oblivion as long as we are not affected in a direct way? It is really a question of whether to pop the blue pill or the red pill. Neo made his choice, the tough and inconvenient one. Is it really worth it….to live a life that is not run by propaganda?

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of those we hate…

Why is religion guiding every move of our life…? Why are we made to hear stories and epics and then told to not make sense out of it because we would not qualify to? Why does hatred towards another nation unify us??? Why is nationalism important and why isn’t it ideal to put individualism before nationalism? Why is education glorified when we know we don’t study for education but for a job?

Let me subdue these thoughts till I can … and then, probably nature will take its own course.

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