Friday, October 2, 2009

A permanent halt to wandering.... Naah.. not yet

Never knew this intriguing phase will be in my life so soon. Marriages abound, proposals doing the rounds, friends getting married.

I was never the one who would fantasize about the day I get married. I never dreamt about the "gal" who would rock my world. Instead, other dreams took precedence. Dreams like playing cricket for India, becoming a movie star,, going for a world tour et al..

It would seem that I am lagging behind in the race of getting hitched. I guess it is time I have a plan in place. Either find a girl who would succumb to my eccentric appeal ;) or completely rule out the option of marriage until it is forced upon me.

It would only be appropriate to choose someone whom you know as your partner. But I am in huge dilemma. Either that or the traditional arranged fashion of taking the vows.

In a way, I am grateful to my own incompetence in academics that I am not a 'settled' man yet which does not compel me in making any decisions… yet..

But that does not restrict people from telling wonder tales about heavenly marriages and successful love stories …which lead to further agonies. How will I ever know if I am ready and that my partner is the one? What is worrisome is that I am the one who should be confident and propose. I really wonder if that is ever going to happen. Why don't gals propose and spare us the torture? Irrational chivalry.

For now, I am happy being able to afford to worry about my career only. Hope good sense comes to my rescue at least once in my life when I make THE decision.

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