Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pouring thoughts...

Every living moment is a writing opportunity. Exploiting these prospects is dependant on writer's capability of delivering rhetoric.

In spite of bearing such absolute thoughts, I have been suffering from the writer's block. And no, I am not trying to drop subtle hints for being identified as a genuine writer. Instead, I am giving a consolation to myself that I am fashionable enough to have the dreaded 'writer's block'.

Can I document every second of jealousy, hatred, lust, pain, love, patriotism? Not unless I have a wand in my hand.

I miss the days when I used to fall in love every day. During school days, the hypnotism in 'love' compelled me to bunk classes, save tiffin, join English tuition and bear being a laughing stock.

I remember saving money for a classmate's voluntary charity program. Ironically, now, a more resourceful moi would rather choose to indulge in some extravagance. I recall how I bought gifts for people on their birthdays….and made birthdays worth getting nostalgic for. I find it a time-consuming formal obligation these days.

I like to wander around in my dreams, dreaming the unlikely and fearing the worst. I recall a character from a cartoon film "Silver Surfer" which even after being told that he is trapped in an artificial war created to keep him engaged there and not come out in the real world, chose to stay in that war…forever. I wonder if I will end up like that someday. I am making all efforts for otherwise.

Painters have a greater opportunity to capture all reining emotions on one canvass… Writers would cause a lot of deforestation to do that. That, though, does not contain me from wondering.

I wonder why I love solitude. I wonder why I think about people during solitude.

I wonder why I love adventure …from a distance.

I think about every possible triviality.

Why does the girl who sits in front of me in class opens and ties her hair every 15 minutes? Is it because she wants people to notice her hair or she just has an OCD? Why does the guy in cab sit on the left side even if there is space on the other side? Possibly because he has a better right profile?

Does everybody think as random as I do??? Or am I the chosen one?

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