Friday, December 19, 2008

Around the time I began...

What is the first thing of your existence that you remember??? Has this question occurred to you? I have no qualms in boasting the philosophical breakthrough myself but I know there are many cynics in the world.

It was one of those dreaded 'free' weekends when I was made to remember a few incidents of my distant and muddled past. I recalled going to my first school and being excited about it. I can’t help but marvel at the excitement pas raison. I was hardly a soul with 'senses'. Guess that does explain the excitement.

I remember to have participated in a race in my school which my mum now claims never happened. Was I schizophrenic?

I remember Ma leaving me in a photo shop after having a photo done with me. It sounds dramatic, but Ma was in the next shop buying grocery then.

In my next school, the only day I recall is a day when I went to school with no books and just a pencil box because someone told me there was an exam on that day. It would have been my first exam. However, it was not to be. I also remember falling on the school ground while playing … I guess…"running running". I remember Dad picking me once and taking me to didi's dance classes to pick her up.

Probably that was the first time I understood the word 'dance'. Probably it was didi’s last attempt to dance.

I remember we had two cars and I remember going somewhere in one car and the other car following us. I thought my Dad was one of those men who come in the News and talk about stuff beyond comprehension. When I found out he was not, I was relieved.

Later Ma told me that half the things I tell her which I ‘still’ remember could not have occurred. Dad retired during my birth year and gave up the office car.

May be picchhla janam……..


  1. ..keep posting...don't let the habit get rusted...dur se main padh raha uhn..achha lagta hai... :) "May be picchhla janam…….. " hata bhi sakte ho na??

  2. :) Ha ha ha. Ma is right. You actually saw only one car. I guess you visualize the stories you hear and make them almost real, a part of life itself. In fact, I remember I lied about something once to a friend and visualized to an extent that it was etched on to my memory and I started believing it; I realized the truth only when I read an old diary entry.

    And yes, I do remember you participating in a race in your first school and I think you won too. (The latter part could just be my imagination!)

  3. Yeah...I had thot of removing "May be Picchla janam" coz I felt it did not go with the mood of the piece, but I let it be as that is what came into my mind while writing...I did wonder as to how did these thoughts even come into my mind...
    Thanks for the feeback :)

    And didz... Thanks for boosting my morale about the race thing... I really don't remember whether I won or not. But I also remembered a lot of things that certainly could not have happened... Specially the one that annoys you the most that I always knew how to drive and a car even fly a plane ;)