Sunday, September 21, 2008



I need a new name.

No....I am not another Gogol in the making (those who have read or seen Namesake would be familiar with the character).

I love my name and I love my parents for having dropped 'Dipak' and 'Prasanjit' from the available choices when they were selecting a name for me. This urge to be named again has arisen out of a million reasons. One of the reasons is the absolute inability of people to pronounce my name. The toughest part for me, however, is to see people try...and thus ...distorting any aesthetic meaning my names conveys.

Mineral, Meenal, Meernaal, MNL, Mrrrl are the common ones to which I have got so used to, that I may not respond or react if someone actually calls out my name with the correct pronunciation.

The newest reason for my renewed desperation to get a 'user friendly' pet name that speakers of languages other than hindi find it very difficult to pronounce the letter 'ण'.

SO....Name me please...

Suggest pet names that are not tongue twisters and which belong to a socially acknowledged nomenclature.

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