Saturday, January 26, 2008


I have always wanted to start my blog with something very positive and inspiring. However, my creativity, so far, has not shown the promise of producing anything other than random word rhyming and school essays. So, for obvious reasons, I thought of starting it with something original and creative.

'Inspiration' seems to be an apt choice to me.
I have been inspired umpteenth times and from so many, that to me, the word inspiration does not sound as charming as it should any more. At least it did not till yesterday.

While I was surfing through channels yesterday, my remote got stuck on one channel. Worst case scenario – the channel was BBC World. At least its better than Star Plus or Zee, I thought. I hate these channels. Not that I do not hate channels like BBC or CNN.

On of the reasons is the fact that I always want to see India in the news, which does not happen too often. And when it does, they show all unamusing places in India, that you and I do not get to see in India. Also, they show starving people, beggars, cows on the road and Taj Mahal. Their knowledge of India seems to be restricted to poor India.

Yesterday's programme, however, was on different issue. It was a world debate on how the dominance of Western powers is ending and how the Eastern nations are making their presence felt.

Our finance minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram was present there too along with representatives of other countries. Of every topic on which they discussed, the arguments of Mr Chidambaram were the only ones which sounded original, logical and balanced. Others were sounding either too extreme in their observations or too judgemental in their approaches.

The way Mr Finance Minister handled things with ease and kept his composure intact was certainly inspiring.

It occurred to me only yesterday, that the real purpose of choosing politics is so selfless and pure that it is too unreal to expect it from anyone actually involved in politics. But, it would too early for someone like me to claim that there is no one keeping up with the spirit of politics.

It also makes me wonder as to what inspires the real leaders. The paparazzi does not run behind you. You cannot have affairs and break ups like movie stars. You cannot be gay. You have to keep delivering unlike movie stars or cricketers who can ‘afford’ to have a bad phase in their careers. You are crushed by opposition. You are killed if you are opposition.

All this for a simple reason: that you want to serve the people and bring prosperity.

I am not crediting any politician of this. Just hoping against hopes that the world could be so worth living in, if our leaders… turn out to be leaders in a true way.


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  2. Very true and very well presented. To think of it, Mr Finance Minister, a Harvard graduate, is not only an MBA but a practicing lawyer. I think it's a combination of patriotism & power that lures these guys into politics. And thanks to him and ppl of his cadre & calibre the country is progressing.